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Terms of Use

24 septembre 2013

1. Acceptance of these terms - binding terms

All orders placed imply the Client's full and unreserved acceptance of these Terms of Use, which supersede all other documents. No special term may, unless expressly provided otherwise in writing in a firm and final estimate, prevail over these Terms of Use. The provision of all services by Fields Legal Translation Service (officially named Cabinet Fields Juris Traducteur and referred to herein as "Fields Legal Translation Service") implies the Client's acceptance of these Terms of Use and waiver of its own general terms and conditions of purchase.

No term to the contrary will, unless expressly accepted, be binding on Fields Legal Translation Service, regardless of when it may have been brought to its attention. The fact that Fields Legal Translation Service does not enforce any provision of these Terms of Use may not be construed as a waiver of its right to enforce such provision in the future.

2. Placing orders/estimates or quotes for service

For each request for translation services, Fields Legal Translations provides a free estimate based on documents provided and/or information communicated by the Client. The estimate, which is sent by email to the Client, specifies the following:

  • type of service (certified translation, unofficial translation, copy of a translation previously provided by Fields Legal Translation Service, etc.);
  • number of pages and/or words to be translated;
  • price of the service itemized by document or group of documents;
  • language of the translation;
  • time necessary to deliver the translation; and postage and handling, where applicable.

To confirm a firm and final order, the Client must submit a signed estimate to Fields Legal Translation Service and, if the Client is a corporate entity, the estimate must be stamped with the company stamp, along with photocopies or originals of the documents to be translated.

Fields Legal Translation Service reserves the right not to provide services without a signed estimate. If an estimate is not confirmed and received in the manner described above within fifteen (15) days following the date of delivery of the estimate, such estimate becomes null and void. Fields Legal Translation Service reserves the right, following notice to the Client, to increase the price of the service and/or propose a different delivery time from that contained in the initial estimate of Fields Legal Translation Service, in particular in the following cases:

  • When documents are modified or added by the Client after the estimate has been provided by Fields Legal Translation Service, in which case Fields Legal Translation Service will adjust the price based on the additional service requested;
  • When no documents have been submitted at the time of preparation of the estimate. If the estimate has been prepared based on an approximate number of words communicated and/or an excerpt of the content and there is difference between the information communicated and the actual documents received.

Without the express agreement of Fields Legal Translation Service to the new terms of delivery and/or invoicing, Fields Legal Translation Service reserves the right not to provide service. Unless otherwise specified in the estimate, the Client must pay the price of the services provided. Any decision to offer a discount, reduced price or reduced rate based on volume will be at the sole discretion of Fields Legal Translation Service and only for the specified service. Discounts or reduced prices granted to the Client do not entitle the Client to similar pricing terms for future services. In the event that Fields Legal Translation Service does not provide the Client an estimate in advance, Fields Legal Translation Service will charge its standard prices for translation services.

Regarding requests for interpreting services, a language services agreement will be prepared and transmitted.

3. Proof

For purposes of evidencing acceptance of an estimate, the Client agrees to consider faxes, emails, hard copies and electronic copies as undisputed proof of the original estimate/purchase order. Absent a signed estimate, delivery of a document(s) and payment is deemed to be acceptance of the estimate.

4. Delivery of translations

Provided that Fields Legal Translation Service receives all documents to be translated, the timeframe for delivery indicated in the estimate is applicable only if the Client confirms its order in the manner described in Section 2 above within fifteen (15) days after receiving the estimate. After this period, the time necessary to deliver the translations may be revised according to the actual workload of Fields Legal Translation Service. Please note that the timeframe for delivery of translations is expressed in business days.

5. Obligations of Fields Legal Translation Service

Fields Legal Translation Service ensures that its translations are thorough and faithful to the original, in conformity with standard industry practices. Fields Legal Translation Service is committed to take into account, to the extent possible, information provided by the Client and to incorporate such information in the translation (suggestions, word lists, similar documents already translated or drafted in the target language). Fields Legal Translation Service accepts no responsibility for inconsistencies or ambiguities in the original text. The Client has sole responsibility for verification of legal consistency in the final text. In the event of a transcription error in a translation, Fields Legal Translation Service Service will endeavor to correct the error in a timely fashion.

6. Obligations of the client

The Client agrees to provide Fields Legal Translation Service all documents to be translated and all information necessary to understand them with any particular terminology that Fields Legal Translation Service is expected to use. In the event of the Client's failure to inform Fields Legal Translation Service, Fields Legal Translation Service may not be held liable for any nonconformity or untimely delivery. The Client has ten (10) business days from the date of receipt of the translated documents or translations for proof-reading to provide any comments in writing about the quality of the translations. After this time, translations will be considered as duly provided and accepted and no challenge will be considered.

7. Confidentiality

Fields Legal Translation Service undertakes to treat as confidential all information and documents provided to it, before, during and after performance of services. Copies and originals of documents are returned to the Client with the translations. Fields Legal Translation Service may not be held liable due to any interception or misappropriation of information by third parties during the transfer of data, in particular over the Internet. Therefore, it is the Client's duty to inform Fields Legal Translation Service, before or at the time the order is placed, of the manner of transmission desired by the Client for delivery and receipt of documents in order to guarantee the confidentiality of sensitive information.

8. Format

Once completed, certified translations are made available in hard copy format at our office. Unofficial translations are delivered by email in MS Word format.

9. Liability

Fields Legal Translation Service may not be liable for an amount in excess of the total of its invoice for any given service. Fields Legal Translation Service will not be responsible for claims based on stylistic nuances. Delivery timeframes are advisory and are not binding; failure to observe them may not give rise to any late performance penalties or price reductions. Fields Legal Translation Service may not be held liable for direct or indirect damages to the Client or third parties resulting from late delivery due to a case of force majeure or from late delivery by any postal delivery service.

10. Modifications of translations

In the event of disagreement on any aspect of the service, Fields Legal Translation Service may make modifications in cooperation with the Client. Unless otherwise provided in writing, there may be an extra charge for corrections, at the sole discretion of Fields Legal Translation Service, based on Fields Legal Translation Service's applicable standard hourly rate. An estimate will be provided in advance.

11. Terms of payment

Unless otherwise specifically set forth in the estimate, invoices are net and without any discount. Individuals are expected to pay for translations in advance upon order. For companies, payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date, provided that they have delivered a signed estimate. Companies based outside of France may be asked to pay for translations before or on delivery. Checks drawn on foreign banks are not accepted. The Client shall pay all bank charges or foreign exchange charges when it pays by electronic fund transfers from abroad. In the event of late payment, orders under way may be suspended until full payment is received with no requirement to provide prior notice. The Client will be liable for late payment penalties at the rate of one and a half times the current statutory interest rate applied to the amount of the invoice in question. Translations remain the property of Fields Legal Translation Service until full payment is received.

12. Intellectual property

Before submitting documents for translation to Fields Legal Translation Service, the Client must be certain that it is authorized to do so. The Client must be the author or the owner of the original document or have obtained prior written authorization from the holder of the rights to the document. Otherwise, Fields Legal Translation Service may not be held liable if all or part of the documents entrusted to it by the Client violates intellectual property rights, any rights of a third party or any applicable rules or regulations.

The Client alone shall accept all possible damages or financial consequences resulting from its sole negligence. Furthermore, the Client recognizes that the translation obtained from Fields Legal Translation Service constitutes a new document the copyrights to which are jointly owned by the author of the original document and Fields Legal Translation Service.

13. Cancellation

In the event of cancellation for whatever reason of an order under way that is communicated in writing to Fields Legal Translation Service, all work already completed will be billed to the Client in full (100%) and the remaining work will be billed at 50%.

14. Amicable settlement of disputes

In the event of a dispute, regardless of its nature, the parties undertake to attempt to resolve their differences through amicable settlement and to do their utmost to succeed in such efforts by undertaking to act in good faith.